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What is Exempt Conscious?

Exempt Conscious is an app designed to empower 501(c)(3) nonprofit managers and executives to create tax exempt organizations, ensure compliance, and achieve superior results by providing a knowledge-rich, DIY (do it yourself) database, step-by-step guide, and community.


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Request an invitation to join our private network of aspiring and current nonprofit managers and executives. Instantly connect to members near you with similar interests. Ask questions; share posts, photos and events; and follow topics you care about.

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Our community equips you with a support network of other nonprofit managers and executives as well as a knowledge-rich database and step-by-step guides by topic. We answer the questions that have kept you stagnant and position you to move your organization forward.

Overcome common pitfalls and achieve superior results

You’re empowered to lead, make informed decisions, and produce superior results for your organization!

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